Wearing Multiple Hats

“What is it that you do at your job?” is a question I get asked frequently and a question that doesn’t come with a simple answer. Truth is, I have the title of multimedia and documentation specialist, but I am so much more than that. I wear multiple hats at work and have a diverse skill set to match.

When I interviewed at Interactive Training Systems 10 years ago, one of the things that I was told is that working at ITS meant wearing multiple hats. I would be expected to take on tasks that might be out of my comfort zone. One day I would be working on an e-learning course, and the next I might be writing a manual or working on a machine ledger. I had to become a jack of all trades.

Wearing multiple hats means being adaptable, and being able to take on not only multiple tasks, but multiple types of tasks. You have to be willing to take on new challenges that you might not otherwise have taken on. You have to have a passion for learning new skills and implementing those skills to be successful.

Everyone at ITS has specializations, things that they excel at. With that said, it is not uncommon for someone to be given a task that doesn’t fit into their “title”. The beauty of this group of individuals is that we have a diversity of knowledge and are always eager to help each other succeed. We help each other to wear multiple hats as much as we wear them ourselves. If someone is working on something new, there is always a resource or multiple resources to go to for help.

That is the thing I love about working at ITS and wearing multiple hats. We are never stagnant. We are always looking for the next innovative idea. Always looking to push the envelope. I am constantly challenged to do new and exciting things even if they fall outside of my current skills. With some time, and effort, I will rise to the challenge and meet it.

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