Adding Stress Relieving Techniques to Your Workday

Skip the Starbucks! 

When I moved to the United States, I quickly learned people here are on the go at all times.  Rushing to work, getting kids to school, going to the gym, getting kids from school, getting kids to activities – forgetting to slow down and pause. Pick up their favorite cup of coffee on the way to work – of course to go. When I see this huge line at Starbucks while passing by on my way to work, just seeing the line stresses me out. So, we are all probably stressed even before getting to work. 

But really…

Because of this on-the-go life, I believe we need to be more mindful of our health and how to have a better, more balanced way of life. It was alarming and eye opening, finding out that recent studies have reported 40% of workers are very or extremely stressed and about 25% of workers see their job as the number one stressor in their lives. Sadly, about 120,000 deaths caused by workplace stress are reported in the US each year. Let’s not forget that stress for any reason  is going to impact our life in some way. Unfortunately, we can’t just tell ourselves not to stress and simply feel better. It sure would make things easier. What we can do is find ways to help us manage stress.

Let’s take a day and see what we can change to make it less stressful. Morning rituals are highly recommended, as they help us to set our intentions. It can be beneficial for us to get up a bit earlier to have some time for ourselves before we dive into our workday. What about some yoga stretches in bed before you even get up? Don’t stay in one pose for too long, as that can put you back to sleep and then you would miss the whole day. That would for sure be a “Don’t Worry Be Happy” kind of a day, but who can afford that, right?

 After you get up, make sure you make your bed. Studies show that successful people make their beds, and you want to be successful and worry free, don’t you? Let’s not forget about healthy and nutritious food to start your day off right. I like to pre-make my breakfast the night before, so I don’t have to rush in the morning – overnight oats are one of my go to meals. 

On the way to work, do yourself a favor and skip Starbucks. You will save money and your sanity. Believe me, you can make yourself a coffee at home that tastes like the one you buy, or maybe even better (a milk frother works magic). 

When you arrive at work, tell yourself “I can do this. I’m smart, strong, and capable. Today I will strive to do my best.” – because you become what you think about. While at work you can do some breathing exercises and stretches to release stress and refresh your brain. Surprisingly, you don’t even need to get up from your chair to do them. Last but not least, bring some plants – fake or fresh, the way you set up your workspace matters.

Finally, it’s great to have a pet to go home to! Get in some cuddles with your furry friend, as they significantly reduce stress hormones. 

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