Keeping Up With an Ever-Changing Industry

Interactive Training Systems has always been the go-to company for many of our clients. Having a combined 200+ years of experience, we cover a lot of ground when referring to eLearning and technical documentation. This year the company is celebrating 55 years of providing service to the top tiers of the automotive, aeronautical, and educational industries. And we are growing and expanding our company to keep up with the demand. It is natural that the newer additions to the company can benefit from the older members’ depth of knowledge and experience.

As one of the senior employees, I am looked to for help answering questions, teaching, mentoring, and assisting in any way necessary  on projects. It is important that the knowledge I impart is relevant, up-to-date, and appropriate to our staff and our customer’s needs. Advances in technology and discovering new ways of doing things that were never dreamed of when I started have kept me busy, as of late. Whether I create or update a piece of training material or an entire course, I do extensive research to make sure I’m using the most current information available. As I said, staying relevant.

One of the most important things a company can do for its employees is to provide training and have that knowledge at their fingertips. And here at ITS we are no different and are making a concerted effort to capture that knowledge and document it for training current and future generations of ITS staff. We utilize one of our own services, the QuickResponse™ Library (QRL), to store and distribute that training. We have training documentation, standards libraries, eLearning modules, and videos that we’ve created that can be accessed by any of our staff interested in broadening their knowledge and skills at any time.

We are also getting ready to launch the ITS Virtual Academy in partnership with Brittany Parks Process Consulting, where online training participants can download learn-at-your-own-pace video courses in select areas of interest from the feedback of an online training analysis survey we recently conducted.

I can’t wait to see what’s coming next! Who knows, I might even learn something new.

If your company is interested in capturing and retaining employee knowledge to train current and future staff members, contact our sales team at (810) 714-7630 or

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