QuickResponse Library Meets Demand for Innovation in the Manufacturing Industry

2021 and 2022 have been two solid years of innovation for the ITS team, with the QuickResponse Library (QRL) topping the list.  

The QRL was developed to specifically solve a major pain point our manufacturers are facing today:

Quickly and easily accessing information (maintenance and/or operating procedures, drawings, troubleshooting remedies, etc.) on demand, while on the job.

By solving this pain point, the QRL is addressing the increasing issue of the knowledge gap the industry is facing today, due to advancing technologies and the aging workforce. 

We need to ensure we are enabling our workforce to be successful, and that is not storing documents and drawings on flash drives, laptops, relying on experts, or even printing them on paper. We need to make sure that when new technologies come into their facilities we are providing the workforce with the tools to succeed. We cannot rely on our experienced workforce to pass down their knowledge and hope and pray it rubs off on the less experienced.

It’s time that we advance our documentation alongside our advancing technologies, and access what we need when we need it on any device, including tablets, phones, computers, and augmented reality devices. The QRL can be accessed via any of these devices and the QRL method is that within three clicks you will be able to locate exactly what you’re looking for (not to mention QR code enabled!). No more sharepoints, no more multiple locations, no more frustration. Three. Clicks. 

If you’re in the manufacturing industry, you most likely have already determined there is significant cost savings associated with implementing a QRL. And, you’re right. 

A recent study with many of our large-tier customers found that it takes over 100 minutes on average to locate supporting documentation in the event of a breakdown. Once the documentation is located, it may take up to an additional 30 minutes to determine which procedure or page is the one needed. I’ll let you do the math….

Implementing an ITS QRL can shave nearly 95% of that time off immediately, increasing your mean time to repair, your breaktown time and cost, and increase your knowledge and self-sufficiency of your workforce.

It’s a no brainer. 

Direct any questions about what a QRL could look like for your organization to ITS. We look forward to collaborating and developing a QRL that could be exactly what you need. Be sure to mention this newsroom post for a FREE QRL Demo, custom for your organization’s needs. 

Lastly, stay tuned for more, where we will dive into how you can pair the QRL and digital interactive content with the Microsoft HoloLens2, Deephow, and more, for even more significant cost savings! 

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