A Note from the President: Building a Community

Where does the time go?  We often ask this question when we are talking about how our children have grown or how long it has been since we saw a family member.

As I am starting my 5th year of leading ITS and looking back on the last 4 years I can honestly ask myself, where has the time gone since 2019?

During this time we have endured a pandemic, figured out how to meet and work remotely, and have fought through supply chain issues.  We have seen people go into retirement, follow new paths, and help others find a new adventure.

ITS has enhanced our traditional products and have brought new products to market. But something has been missing the last 4 years….

I have missed on-site meetings, shop tours, and customer visits. I miss handshakes, discussions about our families, and then getting onto the business at hand.

In 2022, Amy Seymour and I ventured out and went to Automate 2022 in Detroit, participated in a trade show in Grand Rapids and even went on a 9 state – 5-day road trip to see many of you!  These are things that we had not done for 4 years, and it was great!

As I enter 2023, one major part of the business that I want to prioritize is personal interaction and the rekindling of past relationships that I have developed in my almost 30 years at ITS, along with forming new ones.

In 2023, I am on a mission to reach out to so many of you in the coming months, either by a phone call, email, or LinkedIn.  It is time to reconnect on so many levels. 

In the meantime, don’t wait on me, feel free to reach out to me first…I would love to hear how you are doing!

Contact Doug Maguffee, President, at 810-714-7630 or dmaguffee@its-na.com! You can also find him on LinkedIn!

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