ITS Brings Documentation to Your Fingertips With the Hololens

It was not long ago that TV shows, cartoons, and movies were proudly displaying “hands-free” technological advancements as part of some future world. A world where wearable technology impacts our daily, personal, and professional lives with the intention of making any tasks easier or more efficient. From a watch on our wrist to a headset covering our face and eyes, these devices are no longer some distant fantasy. Rather, they are now commonplace in all aspects of daily life and even the workplace. Oftentimes, new technology can lead to the overhaul of antiquated practices, as is the case with the Microsoft Hololens 2 (Hololens) when paired with content created by Interactive Training Systems (ITS).

To this day, manufacturing facilities all over the world are relying on paper manuals and other documentation to assist with operation and maintenance in their facilities. Imagine you are on the floor of any of the advanced manufacturing facilities that utilize every piece of technology possible, from laser screens to automation, and you are handed an outdated stack of paper to perform a job task. Even worse, you could be told that in order to perform your job task you have to FIND the piece of paper that the instructions were written on. Imagine all the time and money you could save by having information readily available at your “fingertips”. That is where the Hololens and ITS come in.

ITS utilizes a web-based platform to house ALL of the information ANY employee would need to perform job tasks. With the help of augmented reality, the Hololens will display ITS content, in your field of view or right next to your workspace. This allows anyone to quickly glance and navigate through information that would normally be kept in a booklet somewhere, or worse, not written down and in someone’s brain! 

Now imagine an example scenario. You are standing at an electrical cabinet and need to know the order in which you perform a series of tasks, with the goal of completing each one accurately AND efficiently. Without even leaving your workstation, utilize the Hololens to display a step-by-step guide produced by ITS to perform your duties. Task complete! No paper manuals needed, no hunting to find the “right guy,” and no wasted time. Maybe the future isn’t so bad after all!

It almost goes without saying that organized content and documentation at your disposal when you need it most is what the manufacturing world is missing! With the help of devices such as the Hololens and innovation from companies like ITS, the workplace can continue to advance while keeping things simple. So come out from behind your stacks of old paper and archaic practices and allow ITS to help you enter the future that is already saving companies time and money.

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