Virtual Academy Presents “Run, Hide, Fight” Public Service Awareness for the Community

Virtual Academy, powered by Interactive Training Systems, presents “Run, Hide, Fight” Public Service Awareness as a free service and resource for the community.

Virtual Academy is an online learning platform, developed by the team at Interactive Training Systems, to provide eLearning solutions to various industries.

Be Aware

“Run, Hide, Fight” is a free community awareness video, covering what to do in case you are involved in an Active Shooter event in the workplace. The video is relevant and up-to-date with current statistics and information, thoroughly researched with local law enforcement guidance, and necessary for employee safety and awareness.

“Would you be prepared to do what is necessary to survive?”

The awareness video includes high-level information to educate your staff on Run-Hide-Fight scenarios, understanding the role of first responders, and communicating important information to 9-1-1 emergency services. It has been designed to give you the information you need to help you, and those around you, to have a chance during an Active Shooter event.

“Run, Hide, Fight” PSA can be viewed in the following video, or on our YouTube channel.

Accessing the Full Content

Extended and customized versions of “Run, Hide, Fight” are available for your office or facility. Law enforcement instructor led options are also available.

For extended course options and other available online training and awareness courses, visit Contact ITS via email at, or call 810-714-7630 for more information

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